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Ras Kwame is a British radio DJ and presenter. He started in the music industry as a club DJ playing hip hop, R&B and reggae in the early 1990s. He then moved on to promoting for Kiss100's groundbreaking Starlight Club night and the Mean FiddlerÔ[][]s Subterranea Club, bringing over talent from the US and promoting local talent. The Subterranea gigs saw Kwame take control of the turntables for artists such as Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, London Posse and the Fugees. During that time, Ras also undertook remix work for Chant├® Moore, George McCrae and The 49ers. Kwame founded West LondonÔ[][]s Sugar Shack record shop in 1993 and from 1994-2000 he had formed Baby Shack Recordings and his UK garage production outfit M-Dubs. As a garage producer, Kwame made several innovative underground club anthems for the flourishing UKG scene, such as Ô[][]Over HereÔ[][] featuring Ritchie Dan, Ô[][]Bump and GrindÔ[][] featuring Lady Saw and the underground smash Ô[][]Body KillinÔ[][] by The Vincent Alvis Project. In 2001, Kwame launched the International Rude Bwoy Recordings operation, the label maintains a UK black music output with a variety of styles ranging from hip hop to garage.